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ESPN Propaganda


ESPN which is recognized as the worldwide leader in sports, has always been the go to destination for any viewer’s sporting needs. But, how much of what ESPN reports on is actually news worthy?

If you tuned into ESPN this summer, you probably had topics like Michael Jordan vs Lebron James, where will Tim Tebow sign?, does Johnny Manziel party too much? shoved down your throat because ESPN has nothing better to talk about. Just this week, ESPN switched their main focus from whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their name to the Miami Dolphin’s bullying situation.

Don’t get me wrong, these subjects are worth mentioning but they should not dominate the entire news cycle. ESPN reports on these topics till the viewer is nauseous, then they find their next topic to beat to death.

ESPN is just as biased as channels like FOX News and MSNBC News, and viewers should be aware of its affect on them. ESPN has the ability to frame a topic or player in the way they best see fit. Since viewers get almost all their sports news from the station, they might believe the framing to be fact.

Viewer’s should  pay careful attention to what news outlets consider news worthy, and ask their self why instead of just following the heard.

Redskins Defense continues to struggle

(Photo Provided by The Washington Post)

(Photo Provided by The Washington Post)

Last Thursday Night the Washington Redskins fell to the Minnesota Vikings 34-27. The Redskins dominated the first half of the game by controlling the clock with Alfred Morris and the running game. Relying on Morris whom leads the league in yard per carry (5.3) opened up the passing game for Robert Griffin. The Skins went into half with a 24-14 lead.

In the second half, the Redskins strayed away from the rushing game and decided to throw the ball down field. This proved to be ineffective and often resulted in RGIII either being hit or sacked on the play. Griffin was hit countless times during the game and took a number of BIG shots that he could have avoided.

This next week is make or break for the Redskins, if they lose to the Eagles, their season will pretty much be over. If they win, they will still be in the playoff hunt in a wide open NFC east. In order for the Skins to turn the season around, they are going to have to be more consistent in their second half play calling. Alfred Morris is a top 5 back in the league yet we refuse to use him when we need him most. Controlling the time of possession and keeping the defense as fresh as possible will help Washington make a push into the playoffs.

Rugby Recap: USA vs NZ Maori

(Photo Provided by:

(Photo Provided by:

The Eagles 29-19 loss to the New Zeland Maori was a huge step forward for the future of American rugby. The sold-out crowd at PPL park in Philadelphia showed the passion that the US has for their team. Being in the crowd of roughly 20,ooo people myself, the crowd’s singing of our national anthem was a experience like no other. The anthem had a obvious affect on both teams, and the US came out extremely aggressive.

The Eagles suited up a youthful side, with 22 year old Seamus Kelly starting at outside center,  23 year old Cameron Dolan at 8-man and 18 year old Titi Lamositele coming in off the bench. These players made key contributions during the game and gained some much needed experience against a quality international side, Dolan was named MVP for the Americans.

If the US can continue to capitalize on friendly matches like the one that took place this weekend, the sport of rugby will soon gain more recognition from the mainstream media.  Highlights from this past weekend are featured below.

Rugby Recap: PRC Final

Senior MVP Matt Elsasser

Senior MVP Matt Elsasser

Just one week after playing one another, Salisbury and Towson faced off again this past Sunday this time for the PRC Championship. Salisbury was rested due to their developmental side playing the day before, while Towson had to play Georgetown in their semi-final match-up.

The game started off with Salisbury stumbling out of the gates allowing 14 points almost immediately after kickoff. But the veteran leaders did not allow the team to loose focus, and quickly responded with a try of their own scored by Senior Ethan Reese on a pick and go. At halftime, the score was 17-14 in favor of Salisbury with tries being scored by Senior Fullback Dillion Barnett and Senior Wing Matt Elsasser.

The second half of the game was extremely physical, and the wear and tear of the previous day’s game started to show. Towson had to make numerous substitutions for fatigue and injuries. Salisbury which prepares itself for these kinds of weekends took advantage and showed their superior fitness, often exploiting the newer inexperienced Towson subs.  The final score was 32-19 with tries being by Senior Center Nick Capobianco and Junior Wing Nick Rodriguez.

The man of the match was Matt Elsasser, who has started in only one A-side match prior. He was constantly tested by Towson’s Flyhalf in the kicking game and used his bruising running style to counter against it.

This weekends victory marks the team’s fourth straight PRC championship and puts the Sharks in the National sweet sixteen which they have the privilege of hosting on Nov 23-24 in Salisbury.

Rugby Recap: PRC Semi-Finals

Senior Fullback John Capobianco scoring a try.

Senior Fullback John Capobianco scoring a try.

On Saturday the #1 Ranked Men’s rugby team took on Johns Hopkins University in the PRC Semi-Finals. Due to Salisbury’s success vs Johns Hopkins earlier in the season winning 95-12, the coaching staff decided to field a side consisting mostly of developmental players. Giving the younger students some much needed experience against a A-side opponent in a pressure situation.

The game started off with both teams getting a feel for one another, and was very tight until senior Austin Roberson picked off a pass and ran it 98 meters for the try. Roberson’s play broke the game wide open and lead to a number of long break away tries from the teams backline.

Saturday’s backline featured a familiar face in former A-Side fullback John Capobianco, whom played his first game since having major knee reconstructive surgery just six months ago. Before his injury he was considered one of the best #15’s in the country and was a front runner for All-American at the position. His experience and athleticism showed throughout the entire game and was capped off with his 40-meter try in the second half.

The final score was 76-10 with tries being scored by Plumley, Kuhn, Carroll, Charles, Henry, King, Buss, Montgomery, and Echols. It was a great day for the program as a whole and gave fans a glimpse of what the team will look like next season.

Dez Drama

(Photo Provided By Texarkana Gazette)

(Photo Provided By Texarkana Gazette)

The Cowboys and Lions 31-30 game yesterday might have been the game of the year, but it is being overlooked because of the actions of Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant.  On two separate incidents during the game Dez freaked out on coaches and teammates because of his frustration with his team’s performance.

Earlier in the week Bryant told reporters that he was just as good as All-Pro wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. His comments gave media outlets plenty to talk about heading into the game. Although both players had excellent games, Johnson was obviously the better of the two, tallying 14 receptions with 329 yards and one touchdown, while Bryant had 3 receptions for 72 yards and two touchdowns one of which being an amazing one-handed catch in double coverage.

During Bryant’s outbursts, he was arguing with veteran leaders like Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware, and Jason Witten. Media outlets are again questioning whether the outbursts are based off Dez’s maturity or his passion for the game. In my opinion Dez did show a lack of maturity with his actions this past weekend and needs to work on expressing his frustration in a more productive manner. Temper tantrums like the ones this weekend can cause division in the locker especially when they are with the respected leaders on the team.

Rugby Recap: Sharks Feed On Rival Towson

Senior Matt Elsasser scoring on the cutback

Senior Matt Elsasser scoring on the cutback

A windy day in Baltimore kept the game against #7 Towson tight and very physical. Early into the Game Senior Ethan Reese was penalized with a dump tackle, resulting in him getting a yellow card. Salisbury was down 7-5 at the half but finally got the ball rolling after Reese put the team on his back with a 50 meter try making the score 10-7. Then Max Callahan carried a few tigers into the try zone to expand the lead that the Shark’s stout defense would not let up. Other tries scored by Garrett Roden, Nick Kuhl, and Matt Elsasser.

The game ended with a final score of 29-7. The Sharks were able to recover from their early mistakes in route to scoring 29 consecutive points.

Try of the game went to Matt Elsasser who’s cut against the grain of the over committing Towson defense, was a perfect display of running into space.

Next weekend is the PRC championship at Mount St. Mary’s college. Salisbury will have Johns Hopkins on Saturday while Towson and Georgetown play as well. The championship will be taking place on Sunday, where the Sharks expect to see the Tigers again.

Rugby Recap: George Mason

Sophomore Dylan Burke breaking through the defense

Sophomore Dylan Burke Breaking Through The Defense.

In Salisbury’s final home game of the season they defeated the George Mason Patriots 64-0. The Sharks stumbled out of the gate and were unable to score during the opening 15 minutes of the game. Mistakes inside the red zone slowed the teams momentum early on and allowed George Mason to build offensive confidence. Finally breaking through was forwards Captain Michael Mullens scoring on a pick and go 2 meters out.

Heading into halftime the Sharks led 36-0 and were in complete control of the game. With three starters already out from injuries that occurred earlier in the week, the coaching staff began making strategic substitutions throughout the second half. Giving veteran players much needed rest and younger players a chance to prove themselves vs a quality A-side.

Although the score might not show it, George Mason showed no quit and had numerous scoring chances throughout the game. Salisbury’s goal line defense held true and was able to keep the Patriots from getting on the score board. This win leads to Salisbury playing rival #10 Towson this coming Saturday in Baltimore. The game will determine the number one seed in the PRC heading into playoffs.